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2018 Annual Meeting was a Success



2018 Annual Meeting was a Success

St Augusta (November 16, 2018) – The WISSOTA Promoters Annual meeting was attended by 29 tracks on November 9 and 10. The weekend started Friday, November 9 talking about administrative rules, and moved into Saturday, November 10 to discuss the car rules of each division.

Car Rules:

Safety rules and recommendations regarding batteries, exhaust, and air bleeder valves were discussed for all classes. WISSOTA Hornet and Pure Stock safety bars were discussed as well. A WISSOTA Late Model safety rule about intrusion plates was also discussed. All safety rule wording and specifics will be released in a later story.


Body rule clarifications and rear wheel hub rules were discussed and approved. Specific wording and descriptions will be released as soon as possible.

Pure Stock:

Rear end gears, fuel pumps, and rocker arms were all discussed as clarifications to current rules. Specific wording and descriptions will be released as soon as possible.

Mod Four:

Scatter shield changes as well as brake caliper part approvals were discussed during the meeting. Specific wording and descriptions will be released as soon as possible.

Street Stock:

The elimination of an engine option was discussed because of the lack of interest in the option. This elimination will take place in 2020. The exact option is the 9.5:1 compression engine (not the concept).


Travel limiting material on shock shafts were clarified as ½”. Specific wording and descriptions will be released as soon as possible.

Also discussed in the WISSOTA Modified was the elimination of the open engine and 0-410 claimer engine will be eliminated in 2020.

Late Model:

Body clarifications as well as safety components regarding a stone deflector were discussed and adjusted. The spoiler on the CT525 will become bigger in 2019, the right side body line measurements and tolerances will be addressed, and the hood/fenders are also seeing measurement changes for the 2019 season.

The elimination of the restricted engine (0-410 c.i.d.) will take place in 2020 as well.

Each rule clarification and safety adjustment wording will be released as soon as possible to ensure everyone’s understanding. Drivers and car builders can expect the exact wording to be done the week after PRI. “We want to make sure the wording is right to prevent a miscommunication for our drivers,” stated Bill Engelstad WISSOTA tech director. “We appreciate everyone’s patience as we ensure the rule is written clearly for the 2019 season and beyond,” continued Engelstad.

WISSOTA Auto Racing is dedicated to continuing to provide safe and successful dirt track racing through the unified rules, policies, and procedures that our member tracks and promoters vote on annually. To find a track near you please visit www.wissota.org.

Submitted By: Carson Gramm

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